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More about my treatment approaches, modalities, and tools...


Desert Dunes

Depth Psychology forms the theoretical framework I lean on in our sessions, which assumes that we are all connected to a collective unconscious that informs our daily individual lives. We can come to know the unconscious through our emotions, symptoms, dreams, and imagination by thinking mythopoetically, archetypally, symbolically, and metaphorically. Therapy with me can include dream or image analysis, connecting to mythic figures that are meaningful to you, and inviting you to participate with the living archetypes beneath human experience.


In therapy we will explore your inner parts that can be known through patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. These parts form your unique individual family. IFS offers a trauma-informed approach and psychological map for cultivating Self awareness. In therapy we will work on grounding and centering you in your body and in Self energy, use re-parenting tools and attachment theory to help heal your inner children, and form new attitudes to our parts so they may express their innate wisdom.


Art therapy is a modality for accessing non-verbal parts of psyche and was a big tool in my own healing journey. I encourage writing or art-making as part of us working together, which may include making art in or outside session or exploring an idea for homework in your journal. The art that is made will help us focus on your process of engaging with materials, rather than being focused on the product. We can also explore art-making from a Jungian perspective which can be a huge source of personal meaning and symbolism. Art therapy sometimes is not for everyone - we can tailor our sessions to meet your needs!


In our sessions you will find that I hold compassionate strengths-based unconditional positive regard. Self energy helps to co-regulate the nervous system and also helps you drop into Self energy. I use motivational interviewing to help you identify motivation and capacity for change. I also employ strategies from CBT for goal setting, mindfulness strategies, challenging unhelpful thoughts, and mood-tracking. I use ACT for relationship building tools and values work. I also pull from DBT for self-care strategies, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness skills as needed.

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